Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

In today’s busy world there just aren’t enough hours in the day to dedicate to everything that needs doing. Let us take yard work off your “To Do” list so you can spend that time on things that matter the most to you. Wildscaping Unlimited provides the following landscape maintenance services in the greater Fort Collins area:

Yard Mowing & Trimming

Your yard is your homes first impression. We can keep it looking neat, tidy and healthy with regular mowing and trimming.


Give your garden a facelift with mulch! Mulched gardens are healthier, have fewer weeds, and are more drought-resistant than unmulched gardens.

Fertilization & Aeration

To keep your lawn lush and green, it is key to aerate and fertilize. It will help the grass grow in healthier and stronger.

Irrigation System Maintenance and Repair

An in-ground irrigation system to keep your yard healthy and hydrated is a wonderful convenience - until it’s not working! We can repair your broken system and continue to maintain it to help prevent another breakdown.

Tree Trimming

We know there’s more to your yard than just what’s on the ground level, so we also provide tree trimming services. We have an arborist on staff who can assess your trees, trim unhealthy branches, and trim branches back that are overgrown.

Tree Removal

Sometime the damage or disease of a tree is too severe to save it and it needs to be removed. We can handle this for you safely and efficiently.

Free Consultation

Contact us today to discuss your landscape maintenance needs. We'll call to learn more about your project so we can provide a customized proposal to meet your needs.